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Old Traders Lodge


  • Entering the reserve is at your own risk.
  • Day visitors may not visit Old Traders Lodge or go on the self-drive routes.
  • Old Traders Lodge is for overnight visitors only.
  • No music may be played. Our guests prefer to hear the sounds of nature.
  • Never feed wild animals.
  • No plants may be cut, damaged or destroyed.
  • No pets, alien plants or other invasive species may be brought into the reserve.
  • Poaching and killing of animals is strictly prohibited.
  • Please keep noise levels down in consideration of other guests and wildlife.
  • By law, smoking of tobacco products is prohibited.
  • No bicycles or skateboards are allowed on the pathways around Old Traders Lodge.
  • Erindi will not be liable for any damage, loss or stolen items.
  • A valid ID number or passport number must be provided by all individuals of a particular reservation.
  • All bookings need to be done per e-mail