Erindi Private Game Reserve is one the largest privately owned game reserves in Southern Africa and represents the greatest collection of African Wildlife held in private hands today.

Your opportunity to sell, or purchase the Largest
Private Wildlife Conservation area in Africa

  • Price: USD160,000,000 negotiable
  • 4% Commission payable by seller

Own your own African wildlife park in Namibia; a sparsely populated but stable, democraticcountry on Africa’s south-west coast.

Erindi Private Game Reserve is a privately owned conservation area, a landmark strategically located in the centre of Namibia. It is judged as the most iconic conservation park in Africa.

This remarkable wonderland spans 160,000 acres of pristine wilderness, characterized by golden savannah plains, dense bush with mountains, natural waterholes, grasslands and pans.

Erindi is home to the greatest collection of African wildlife held in private hands today with over 90 mammalian species, including; elephants, lions, giraffe, black rhino, white rhino, leopards and cheetah. In addition to mammals, Erindi also hosts 300 endemic bird species, 43 reptile species, 40 snake species, 10 amphibian species, 13 arthropod species, and 104 known insect species.

Ongoing conservation is the motto with emphasis currently on the endangered African Wild Dog, Black and White Rhino.



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Profitable Ecotourism

The property has two ecotourism lodges, offering all the luxuries an African safari traveler would come to expect. The income generated helps support continued conservation efforts. This self-sustainable biosphere has 97 miles of solar electrified perimeter fencing, graded roads, and communication towers. The offering includes complete ownership of a five-star reserve with associated wildlife management services.

Erindi has proved this by increasing bottom line profit, year on year for the past 10 years. The profits from the last financial year amounted to 35 million Namibian Dollars at a gross profit margin of 45%. This income is funded by only two lodges which together cover the reserve operations costs as well

Erindi is in discussions with a travel and leisure company, who are committed to investing to increase the hospitality offering. This means that Erindi could generate N$75million profit in the short term future.

Namibia offers visitors something they can never have at home.

Wide open space and freedom.


  • Accessible by aeroplane with its fully functional airstrip
  • 4 major entrances accessible via national motorways.


  • Otjiwarongo Mediclinic (190km)
  • Windhoek Mediclinic Private Hospital (180km)


  • Cellular Coverage
  • Radio Network
  • Wi-Fi Coverage


Building Erindi for the past 32 years has been my life’s work and an amazing adventure.

From humble beginnings and hard work, Erindi was initially run as a cattle ranch. Acting on a deep desire to protect the precious ecosystem and expand into sustainable eco-tourism, Erindi was transformed into the ecological treasure as it stands today.

Being the main shareholder and turning 70 years of age this year, I pride myself in always having had a hands-on approach. Sadly, I must adhere to the realisation of mortality and accept that the next commercial phase for Erindi has dawned. To continue the dream of establishing a world renowned game reserve, structures and procedures will be required to take operations to the next level and realise Erindi’s full ptotential.

I envisage the necessity of an integrating tourism organisation, backed by institutional capital backing, as the pillar to expand the lodge operations and continue the conservation efforts of Erindi.

I therefor view the sale of Erindi as a retirement decision, personally, and also as an unselfish act towards the land I so dearly love, handing it over to the next competent author.

Gert Joubert