Erindi Elephant Conservation Project

Populations of the African elephant, Loxodonta africana, were significantly reduced by poaching in the late 20th century. The 2015 population estimate for Namibia is over 20 000 elephants: the northwest population is about 4 000 animals and includes the elephants in Etosha National Park, while the northeastern population is over 16 000 animals.

Erindi is home to over 120 African elephants and growing. The Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) granted a permit for the capture and relocation of a group of elephants from the Kaudom National Park to Erindi Private Game Reserve. A specialized elephant boma was constructed at Erindi to home the elephants after they had arrived by truck. At the capture camp, the elephants were fitted with VHF tracking collars, blood samples were taken, and each animal was numbered. The elephants have thrived in their new home. Erindi has on record the largest elephants in the world. They are well cared for and protected from poachers.

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