Time, is sometimes, not of the essence

Photograph © Tim Smith

Yesterday afternoon we had a plan to find the Wild Dog pack and maybe some Elephants as the day before we had found Shadow – the big male Lion roaring. Ranger Will was on the radio half an hour into drive to inform everyone the Pack was at the waterhole in front of the lodge.  We raced back towards the lodge and halfway there we bumped in to them hunting. 

The following 2 or so hours, were spent off road through the bush with these very special and endangered animals. Impressing us with their hunting skills picking up the scents of animals and sniffing down a warthog 15 metres away from our “landie” underground. Then following behind the Pack as they entered the Lodge dam once again, they saw a large group of Zebra and Wildebeest – speeding across the plains after a young Blue Wildebeest was the last glimpse for us as we could not locate them again. With the sun setting we had to quickly spoor track the Elephants and did so with just a little bit of light left to see the little calf cross the road.Of course we stopped afterwards for some AMARULA!