Wild Dog Conservation

The African wild dog Lycaon pictis is one of the rarest and most endangered carnivores in the world. The current population estimates show their numbers to be between 3 000 and 5 5000. The last [...]

A tribute to Nestlé

NOVEMBER 2011 TEXT: Natasha Britz PHOTOGRAPH: Henco Bantjes CCF staff and guests and more recently Erindi have grown to love Chanel and the 3 Chocolate Sister, a group of 4 female cheetah that [...]

Coco Chanel and the Chocolate Sisters

Weird names for a group of four Cheetahs? You bet – they sure are! But, courtesy of the Cheetah Conservation Foundation,(CCF), we have a group comprising Chanel, Hershey, Nestle and Toblerone [...]