Professional Wildlife Photographer Marina Cano visits Erindi

“Erindi is one of the most incredible experiences of my photographic life!”

Marina Cano

From the beginning to the end, I experience pure pleasure and yes at times a little fear… being around certain animals who are unpredictable can be un-nerving but I always knew I was in very skilled and professional hands. All the Erindi guides we worked with were incredible and are masters of their craft. there knowledge of animal behavior was a very refreshing education.

I thought I knew a lot about the animal kingdom but when listening to the guides tell us stories and provide information was like living in a wild life documentary moment by moment.

The hospitality and food was wonderful. The rooms were clean tidy and very comfortable. The staff were so helpful, caring and supportive not often easy to find in the world today.

Everyone we worked with was totally dedicated to us and at times bent over backwards to cater to all our needs such as getting up extra early to catch sunrise and staying out later to catch sunset and generally being kind, friendly and patient with us as we spent sometimes hours upon hours waiting for the right timing to photograph the magic moment!

Our images are also incredible because there was so many different animals to photograph and we could get real close by driving virtually up to them in the bush. A photographers dream.

I cannot recommend Erindi enough to anyone who has a passion for wild life and wild life photography you will leave as inspired as I was.


Marina Cano