International Wildlife Photographers Visit Erindi

It is not surprising that Namibia attracts thousands of international tourists each year. The incredible scenery, wide variety of game, and interesting cultures, people, and places keeps everyone coming back for more. The diversity of the terrain is something to be marveled. From vast sand dunes to rough bushveld and wide savannah plains, there is something unique in every corner of Namibia. But for most, Erindi is the wildlife destination of choice. It has become a familiar pastime for many travellers exploring the country on road trips, camping trips, and safaris. There is just so much to see and do within the safe parameters of the electric fences.

When world-renowned photographer, Donal Boyd, reached out to Erindi over social media expressing his interest in visiting the reserve, management was ecstatic and plans were immediately put in motion. Donal arrived in November 2016 for a week long stay. He had the opportunity to learn about the ongoing conservation efforts and photograph the beautiful wildlife and scenery.

Erindi was so much more than I anticipated. The accommodation was beautiful and the game drives were amazing. All the staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. Shout out to Jeremia and GP for a great week of game drives! Thank you and I can’t wait to visit again soon.

In February 2017, Donal Boyd returned to Erindi with a small group of hand-picked photographers who joined his Photographic Safari Workshop titled “New Life”. This he co-hosted with Jarrad Seng – another internationally recognized wildlife photographer. Using their past photo safari experience, they aimed to instruct participants on all aspects of wildlife photography. Two guides were assigned to their group and showed them around the reserve, advising them where it was best to find exciting sightings. Their workshop was timed perfectly, as the rainy season had refreshed the land, and everything was looking lush and green.

Erindi would like to thank Donal and Jarrad for the great work they have done with the guides. Co-owner of Erindi, Paul Joubert, said “the knowledge they have gained from working with you is phenomenal. Thank you for choosing Erindi, we feel honoured to have had you guys here”.

Jarrad and I just wanted to extend our enormous gratitude to all of the Erindi staff, guides, and those working behind the scenes. Thank you for hosting us and our group at Erindi!! It’s difficult to put into words how truly wonderful the experience was… for each guest they all took away with them memories that will last the rest of their lives. As did Jarrad and I. Cheers and thank you again… Very much felt right at home at Erindi and can’t wait until the next visit! – Donal Boyd

All amateur and professional photographers are invited to visit Erindi. This is your #1 destination for incredible wildlife portraits. The guides are experts in finding that one-on-one animal interaction you long for. It is encouraged that guests share their photographs with the team on social media, and in return will receive a mention and repost.

To Erindi Private Game Reserve, I would like to extend my gratitude for the amazing experience and opportunity throughout my stay and cannot thank you enough for the memories which I will cherish for years to come. Special mentions to our incredible guide, Jeremia, for being such a down to earth, humble and all around great bloke, and for trekking it out with us everyday to show us the best Erindi has to offer! His knowledge, personality and passion for the work he does was so transparent, that it made my experience all the more pleasurable! Other special mentions include GP, Simon, Natasha and of course, the staff at the restaurant who made everyday fun! It was a pleasure getting to know everyone whilst singing and dancing at every chance I got, hence why I was nicknamed Beyonce, hah. Hearing about the conservation projects and the importance of protecting the animals gave me a real perspective on how vital it is to sustain these incredible animals for generations to come, and I hope that in someway, us taking photographs and spreading awareness will help! Again, thank you for giving us the opportunity of a lifetime and for hosting us! I will never forget my time in Erindi, the people I met and the experiences I had! I will definitely be back one day to do it all again! – Shalamah Tautaiolefue

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