The ultimate sightseeing guide for traveling across Namibia

So, you are thinking of coming to Namibia? Erindi is a wonderful place to start your Namibian adventure! But by no means should you limit your trip to just one destination in our home of soaring sand dunes, vast landscapes and incredible wildlife. From North to South, here are our top picks to add to your Namibian escape.  

Etosha National Park

A journey wouldn’t be a journey if it didn’t start right at the top and there is no place more beautiful to visit in the north than Etosha National Park. Covering nearly 20 000 sq km of land, Etosha offers visitors year-round game viewing, self-drive routes and lodges to suit almost any budget. The park’s most spectacular feature is a large pan at its centre that is for most of the year completely dry. But with the rainy season, it transforms into a lake attracting flamingos and wetland birds, and turns the park into a lush paradise.

The Skeleton Coast

Your next stop in the north should be the Skeleton Coast. The desolate coastline’s dense fogs, massive storms and hostile desert caused many ships to be wrecked along its shores, giving it its formidable name. Many of the ships still line the shore for you to explore. There is nothing quite like driving through this remote, wild-feeling place.

Waterberg Plateau Park

As you make your way down to the centre of Namibia, your next stop should the Waterberg Plateau Park. There is nothing like it in Namibia, and that is saying something! Rising high above the surrounding desert, the sandstone plateau is 50 km long and 16 km wide and is home to rare species such as roan and sable antelope and incredible flora. You can choose to do one of the many hikes offered in the park or stay at their eco-lodges nestled into the side of the plateau.

Erindi Private Game Reserve

Where else could your next stop be but Erindi Private Game Reserve! Located just outside the district of Omaruru, Erindi enjoys the best of both worlds with savannah grasslands and rugged mountains. And what we lack in size compared to Etosha, we certainly make up for with some of the best game-viewing experiences in Namibia. Let’s not forget our night drives and guided bush walks too.

Kingdom Of The Wild - Wildlife in Namibia


It’s time to move into the south and head to Swakopmund. But before you get there, don’t miss out on visiting the Spitzkoppe, a group of granite peaks rising out of the Namib Desert. Created by the collapse of a giant volcano millions of years ago, the landmark is home to several ancient San rock paintings that are well worth visiting


Swakopmund is an eclectic seaside town that will feel like you are stepping into Europe with its colonial architecture and German appreciation for food and comfort. Aside from the food, the town is a hub of adventure activities and you can take your pick from sand boarding, camel riding in the desert and quad biking to name a few.

Sossusvlei and Deadvlei

The Namib Desert is considered the oldest desert on Earth and home to some incredible sights and conservation treasures. It is the first point on your journey in the south and under no circumstance should you miss Namib-Naukluft Park’s Sossusvlei, a strip of dunes that tower over 300 m (we dare you to climb the Big Daddy). Sunrises here are unforgettable and even more so at its neighbour, the Deadvlei, where petrified trees rise out of the stark white pan.


These are not the only treasures the desert holds, a bit further south is The NamibRand Private Game Reserve and nestled within that is Wolwedans, a collection of camps set in the red dunes of the desert. Their conservation-centred, sustainable tourism ethos will let you enjoy the desert at its most pristine and natural. Think lots of undisturbed silence.


For a short return to humanity in the south, your next stop should be the town of Luderitz. On your way through to the town, keep an eye out for the wild horses of Garub and more importantly make a stop at the ghost town of Kolmanskop. Once a thriving diamond mine town, it was abandoned in 1956 and the desert has been taking it back ever since.


Lüderitz itself is a wonder to behold, stuck in a time warp filled with art nouveau German architecture; the 21st century doesn’t feel like it has found its way here yet. The pristine nature and abundant wildlife that surround this little town help to keep it feeling a little wild.  

Fish River Canyon

The final stop on your journey south is the spectacular Fish River Canyon. The largest canyon in Africa at 160 km long and 30 km, it takes 5 days to hike (which you can book and do). Its sheer size and beauty will guarantee to make your jaw drop.

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