Lion Cubs Update

Last week it was sadly reported that Yoda has lost her two cubs.

The female lioness was found mating with the coalition males who control the South Central area of Erindi. For over a week now she has been mating non-stop. It is part of natural Lion behaviour for any Adult male to kill any cubs who he has not fathered and by doing this, brings the female back into oestrus (or ready to mate).

This act is called Infanticide.  Any cub who is generally less than a year old is prone to getting killed by a new or even nomadic Male.

In around 6-7 weeks Yoda should come into her proper oestrus – mating now will do nothing as a Lioness will go through stages of faulse Oestrus where they mate but nothing will eventuate.

New Yoda Female Update! 23/05/2012

“There was a post about a week about about Yoda having her cubs possibly killed by Goldie and Shadow the coalition males.

BUT. Yoda was found today with her 2 now even bigger and healthy cubs. Good news.” – Tim Smith

Keep an eye out for photos and a new story…

© Tim Smith