Thank you LA Sport from Windhoek, Namibia

On the weekend of the 8th & 9th of February 2014, LA SPORT held a fundraiser at Erindi’s Camp Elephant for the Global Leopard Project.

It was phenomenal to say the least!

Over 149 4×4 enthusiasts camped at Camp Elephant for the weekend & there were amazing 4×4 accessories of every kind on display! On the second night, LA SPORT organized for the Global Leopard Project to hold a mobile presentation on the projects work, after dark at one of the dams. The video & audio presentation addressed the work & progress of the Global Leopard Project & everyone contributed donations that came to N$10 000,00!!! This amazing donation will be used to start the genetic analysis of the leopards that have been part of the research for the past 7 years.

On the night of the Fundraiser, Andre De Jager headed out on one of Camp Elephant’s beautiful SELF DRIVE ROUTES and he was blessed to find a young male leopard which stayed long enough for him to take a fantastic photograph! The leopard has never been photographed before & Andre managed to capture his spot pattern ID of 3:2 spots. The Global Leopard Project asked Andre to name the young cat as his wonderful photo will enable us to ID him for the rest of his life & we can thus follow his progress. Andre has called this beautiful leopard “SAVANNAH MALE” after the spectacular savannah area where he spotted him!

Thank you so much LA SPORT for the wonderful weekend, support & donations, thank you to all that contributed on the weekend & thank you Andre for the ID of another vital piece of the Erindi leopard population puzzle!

Written by: Natasha Woronin Britz.