Highest rainfall recorded in the past 100 years

Greetings to all the friends of Erindi.

If you thought it was paradise when you visited here before, you should see it now.  Our world is green!  Sounds strange for Namibia with its reputation of arid conditions.  But I can assure you it is true.  Erindi is living up to its name, which means “Place of Water”. Right now it is really stunning.

While rainfall in this part of the world averages between 250 and 500 mm, we have  had a whopping 800mm this season!  That makes it the highest rainfall recorded in the past 100 years for this region.   As a result, the grass and trees have never looked better.  Food is abundant for both the grazers and the browsers, so  the grass and nutrients will see the animals through the winter months, which we have just entered.

On Erindi there are 42 dams spread around the 77,000 hectares of the game-lodge property and right now they are all full.  By September, when the water levels have dropped and the animals turn to the many salt blocks that we place about the property to provide the minerals lacking in their diet, our two species of evergreen tree will come into their own.  The Shepherd’s Tree, or Boscia Albitrunca is one of only two evergreens in this part of Namibia and it is a life-saver for the browsers until the summer rains stimulate new growth.

If you want to see beautiful countryside and contented wild-life, now is the time to visit Erindi.