Amazing Leopard photo taken by guest at Erindi

Please send us your Erindi Leopard Photos for Research purposes

by Natasha De Woronin Britz
Photo Sachar Naor GLP©

This fantastic photograph was taken by a young lady that visited Erindi Old Traders Lodge in February. The 6 month old youngster was very interested in the game drive vehicle & approached out of curiosity giving Sachar an incredible photographic opportunity!

We are eternally grateful that the photographs were given to the project to help us keep an accurate database of all the Erindi leopards. This photo where the facial spots can be well noted ensures that this youngster will be identifiable for an entire lifetime.

If you do get leopard photographs at Erindi, we would be very grateful for copies with an idea of where on Erindi the animal was spotted. If you join the guides, please ask them where you see leopards for reference.