Special Sightings on Game Drives

Crazy afternoon on Erindi!

It’s not often the guides can go from one special sighting into another, so yesterday was fun for everybody! We went to check up on Hershey, the female Cheetah, and her Water-buck kill which she was still feeding on. While watching her, we heard over the radio that the Wild Dog pack was at the waterhole in front of the restaurant…

We raced there and eventually picked them up with help from the other guides. We stayed with the pack for close to 45 minutes and watched their behaviour change when they would pick up scents of other animals, or see them! They chased 2 warthogs but were unable to catch them… as they came back onto the road we decided to stick with the Dogs as they were slowly making tracks towards them.

To top it off, we found 3 Bull Elephants feeding and shared some AMARULA with the guests before heading back to the lodge.

© Jed Winer