A Quick update on the Cheetahs

The Chocolate Sisters and Chanel are well known to all Erindi fans. The three sisters and another unrelated female from CCF (Cheetah Conservation Fund) were released in January 2011.

Now in April 2012 only two survive being one of the sisters – Hershey and Chanel. Their VHF collars had slowly started to fade out and we needed to recollar them both before the original collars died. After locating them we called CCF straight away to come and fit the new VHF collar. During the darting blood samples were taken and other measurements to find out how she has changed from 2011. The one difference that CCF vets noticed was her size. Even bigger than she was – now at 50KG.  A very lucky group of guests got to go and experience this and i am sure they will never forget it.

© Tim Smith