Pangolin Tracking

Erindi Private Game Reserve believes that even the smallest and most unusual creatures have an important role to play in nature and thus even secretive night wildlife species are carefully monitored. Certain pangolins are fitted with VHF tracking devices to allow the Erindi team to locate them regularly and monitor their movements and progress. Be part of this incredible tracking experience where you depart before first light to try to pick up signal for the pangolins, follow this signal and if you are very lucky, have the chance to see the creature before it disappears into a hole to rest.

Activity info

  • Subject to pangolin, vehicle and guide availability
  • No under 16’s allowed
  • Tracking may involve tracking from a vehicle or walking on foot
  • Booking at reception is essential
  • Refreshments are provided
  • Ensure to read “Guest Walking Requirements” information
  • Max 6 guests
  • N$ 700 per person (minimum price is N$2 800)

Activity times


06h30 – 09h30
16h30 – 19h30


07h00 – 10h00
16h00 – 19h00