Pangolin Tracking

Pangolin Tracking

Erindi Private Game Reserve believes that even the smallest & most unusual creatures have an important role to play in nature & thus even secretive night wildlife species are carefully monitored. Certain pangolins are fitted with VHF tracking devices to allow the Erindi team to locate them regularly and monitor their movements & progress. Be part of this incredible tracking experience where you depart before prime pangolin activity times to try to pick up signal for the pangolins, follow this signal & if you are very lucky,have the chance to see the creature before it disappears into a hole to rest.

Activity info

  • Max 6 guests per vehicle.
  • No under 16’s allowed
  • Subject to pangolin, vehicle and guide availability.
  • Drive times are set & cannot be changed.
  • Tracking may involve tracking from a vehicle or walking on foot
  • Eat a good breakfast, as return time may be as late as lunch
  • Refreshments are served
  • Ensure to read the “Guest Walking Requirements” information
  • N$ 700 per person (minimum price is N$2 800)

Activity times


06h30 – 09h30
16h30 – 19h30


07h00 – 10h00
16h00 – 19h00