Old Traders Guided Walking Trail

Take a quiet walk at your own pace within the safety of the lodge and discover a world of small creatures, birds, plants and insects. The trail has informative signs to shed light on interesting aspects along the way and for those that enjoy exercising; this is a safe place to go for a jog. Among the game species that you may encounter are waterbuck, springbuck, kudu, impala and warthogs.

Activity info

  • Max 10 guests
  • At average walking pace, the trail takes one hour to complete
  • You must inform reception that you will be embarking on the trail and you can collect a map at the same time
  • Children of all ages are welcome on the trail, but U12s must be accompanied by adults
  • The San Village en route is only open from 10:30-11:30
  • Ensure that you carry water, sunscreen, a hat and a rain coat
  • N$ 100 per person (minimum price N$ 400)

Activity times


10h30 – 11h30


11h00 – 12h00

Please note

This activity is not available to guests staying at Camp Elephant.